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I don’t know if you ever felt like, in school like, when you had a test coming up, everything you planned around it either pre-test or post-test. It’s funny though because this trip especially, we’re working on a lot of different projects that we have just sort of started, so it’s exciting because we have new things coming up in this year as well. The big question that everyone’s probably asking you: Are you hoping to compete again in the 2018 Olympics? We feel that it’s interesting because we feel like we achieved what we really wanted to in Sochi, and if we decided to go another four years to the 2018 games, we feel like we’d need to find a real purpose to go, just because we know what it takes with the dedication, the sacrifice, the time, and the energy. How long would it take to prepare for another Olympics? Usually Olympics season start a little sooner since the Olympics are in February, so typically early September is when you start competing.That’s kind of how we were with competition—our life was broken up into segments between competitions, so without any of these competitions, the momentum has kept up and increased if anything, especially of late. We would really start getting ready probably the April or May leading into that year, so we would have a bit of time to figure it out, which is nice.RELATED: Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski to Lead 2018 Olympic Figure Skating Broadcast Team We work with a lot of kids and we talk to them a lot about, it’s not the achievement, but it’s sort of what you learn through sport that’s so important, and I think when you teach that enough you really start to think of it that way.I feel like, whether or not we go back to competition, I think we’ve learned so much about life and working, and what’s important in our journey to winning the Olympics, that really those things will serve us better than the medal.1 spot, and the eyes of the country were on them, expecting nothing less than their usual first.In 2014 I was a senior in high school, sitting in my creative writing class, and I was supposed to be writing a short story. Two years later and I’m now in college in Boston, where the World Figure Skating Championships are being held this year, and I’ve never missed these extraordinary ice dancers more.You just sit there and you’re rocking back and forth like, “Oh my god, why would anyone do this to themselves?!

Meryl and Charlie are compassionate, thoughtful and driven, and they’ve managed to inspire a whole new generation of figure skaters to follow their lead and never give up on their dreams.

MD: It’s interesting because when you’re competing in most sports, but especially in skating, it’s such a performance that it needs to be perfect.

If you’re a hockey player or a basketball player, you can make a mistake and still have a great game, whereas for us, it has to be perfect, otherwise your decades of work is just wasted.

The ice dancers, who have been partners for nearly two decades, broke world records in their free dance and short programs at the 2014 Olympic winter games, bringing home their life-long goal post-win, have shown no signs of slowing down.

With an upcoming wedding to plan (White will wed fellow ice dancer Tanith Belbin this spring with Meryl acting as bridesmaid!

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They have an event that supports a foundation for people with developmental issues, and sort of encourages activities that get them feeling like they’re making progress, so it’s a great cause. It’s interesting because we trained so consistently for so long that now that we’re taking a year off of competition, traveling and doing other things—time sort of moves at a different pace. RELATED: Lunchtime Links: Did people recognize you out there? We’re skating a lot, so it’s not like we’d have to get back in shape or dust off all the rust.

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