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Eventually, about 6pm they let us off into a secluded area near departures and 50 Burger King burgers were sent down.

Ariana Grande has put up a live stream that will broadcast during her ‘One Love Manchester’ benefit concert.

Many vented their frustration on Twitter, calling it "an awful experience" and "the worst flight experience of my life".

One passenger from Manchester was not allowed to leave until around 7pm, despite the plane being diverted to her home town.

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The Meet up is open to anyone, regardless of relationship status and should be an interesting evening. Manchester 1st March talking tech, digital & death: @Dr Matt Boswell Virtual Holocaust memorials @Sarah Unwin Remembrance in the digital age @danhett Experimental games exploring experiences online after loosing his brother in a terror attack Book Y79nxd Wz9 We’re pleased to announce that on Thursday Feb 15th we’ll be back at @Auto Trader Life where Ian Forrester @cubicgarden will be leading a session on the future of dating.

The airline then said it would fly three extra planes over the collect passengers, but these took hours to arrive.

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This will be her final talk before she begins a new role as Assistant Director of the Centre for Human Compatible AI at UC Berkeley. B23z Sh The Memo’s predictions for 2018: autonomy, mixed reality, healthtech and more Hb8HL @alexwoodcreates @kittygknowles @mollyflatt @Alistair J90 @annaschav @Oliver Smith EU @Max Thielmeyer #2018predictions #predictions Y25t Zu0G If you want to see just how far consumer tech has come in the past 40 years then have a look at the brilliant But maybe stay away if you have work you should be getting on with...

@AAutomations, a bespoke #Robotics #software #developer are looking for THE best people to join our team!! uk/Home/Jobs #Manchester #Fin Tech QHOy PNw8p Next week our very own @Rosie Campbell will be giving a talk before heading to the US to start a new role at UC Berkeley’s Centre for Human Compatible AI.

Come and wish her well and hear her thoughts on the risks and challenges of AI and superintelligence. Uokdx X Our next talk on Jan 10th will be by our very own @Rosie Campbell who will be looking at whether we need to worry about AI safety.

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