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In addition to covering country hits for his singles, country songs showed up as album tracks on his albums.

It is derivative but gives Malo a chance to show that he is one of the few singers who should be allowed anywhere near this material. I can mentally hear either Louis Prima or Dean Martin singing “I Think of You”, the arrangement and saxophones saying Prima but the actual lyric screaming Dino.

After that the hits started decreasing in size although he would continue to chart around the world until the end of he 1980s.

He charted on the British pop chart as recently as 2012. Three of Englebert’s four biggest hits were covers of Americn country hits (“There Goes My Everything” had been a huge record for Jack Greene and “Am I That Easy To Forget” a hit for Jim Reeves and for writer Carl Belew).

Sung softly and taken at a slow waltz tempo, the lyric can be taken several ways, depending upon the frame of mind of the listener.

Here I stand before your eyes I’m just a man who’s realized Another dream has come to light So I’ll say goodnight I’ll say goodnight to you I’ll say goodnight to you So farewell but not goodbye So I’ll say goodnight Time has come and gone too soon Tomorrow brings another tune I’ll sing them all ’til the day I die So I’ll say goodnight “Damned (If You Do)” reminds me of a lot of other songs I’ve heard over the years, both lyrically and melodically (the first few bars had me wondering if I was about to hear the theme from the Munsters television show and there seem to be hints of that theme at several points in the song): And sure as you are Of lessons you’ve learned Decisions you’ve made Will all be overturned But life all alone Is a life unfulfilled You may not miss the hurt But you sure do miss the thrills You’re damned if you do And damned if you don’t Damned if you will And damned if you won’t Next up is “I Will Be Yours”, a romantic ballad that a younger Engelbert Humperdinck would have recorded as an album track in the late 1960.

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