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If you would listen closely, Tom Leykis is the only talk show host who is honest why he is on the radio.I’ll quote him “ I’m here to sell advertising for the highest price we can get.” His show is just a medium to get as many people to listen as possible so he or the radio station can charge the highest price to the advertiser.I haven't paid my bills, but hey, imidiate results is what I live for!

He said a woman with a messy car will most likely have a messy financial situation. It also gets dirtier on the outside than I would like because I live in a condo complex with carports instead of a house with a garage. I have put a lot of money on credit cards in the past for medical drama, car drama, and bailing other people out. No drunken nights sleeping in the car here...sorry, Tommy-on-the-radio. i've never been a fan of leykis but, like jerry springer, he's kinda fun to listen to once every couple months. OT: I know that when my home and car are not cluttered, I feel clearer and the rest of my life is not as cluttered - I usually have a cleaner diet, exercise regularly, have a good grip on my finances, personal relationships flow better, etc.

I do agree with some of his topics and with some I don’t.

As I can see in the posts above me, I get the feeling that he rubs a lot of women the wrong way. Is it because most (not all) women are incapable to listen without getting personally offended?

When you date a man or a woman, the feely-weelies and sickening lovey-doveyness at….

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My brother owns his own business, and when ever he interviews a person for a new position, he always walks them to their car afterwards to see how clean it is inside. It's one of those gender generalizations we always complain about on POF.

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