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And it does so with a jocular self-deprecation that frames its screed as a personal journey through loss to self-awareness by way of a newfound respect for women’s virtues and desires—and a newfound skepticism about moral verities.(It also pushes other buttons of cavalier affront in the guise of uninhibited freedom, as in Glen’s use of the N-word early in the film.) In scene after scene, “I Love You, Daddy” depicts or evokes women making decisions—in private life or in the professional realm—that men feel constrained to accept.What’s more, Grace’s and Leslie’s easygoing attitudes—hers toward her teen relationship with an older man, his toward having relationships with very young women—are marks of their greater artistry and of their magnanimity.

The movie’s idea is fractal—it’s reflected perfectly in each of its details, which don’t just excuse but actually endorse sexual depredation as an artistic practice and as a way of life. He’s the showrunner, doing the hiring and firing of actors; yet his sexual relationship with Grace is depicted as her idea, undertaken, she says, not for the good of her career but because of her desire for him.

Later that night, Glen and China watch a movie with Grace in it, an erotic thriller in which she sexually provokes men and then kills them.

China calls it “feminism”; Glen responds with a lecture of his own about feminism: “Feminism means being independent, not lounging on a deck.

The result is, in effect, an act of cinematic gaslighting, an attempt to spin the tenets of modern liberal feminism into shiny objects of hypnotic paralysis.

The movie declares that depredation is liberation, morality is tyranny, judgment is narrow-mindedness, shamelessness is creativity, lechery is admiration, and public complaint is private vanity.

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The message that this plot thread sends is clear: put up with it and get the benefits, or spare your dignity and take your lumps.)What brings Leslie Goodwin into China’s life is Glen’s work.

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