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Once you’ve made sure they aren’t putting themselves (or anyone else) in danger, you can try to shift the focus to something else, speaking in a calm, reassuring manner.

“This is where truly knowing your loved one is so important,” says Napoletan.

Mid-to-late stage dementia often presents challenging behavior problems.

The anger, confusion, fear, paranoia and sadness that people with the disease are experiencing can result in aggressive and sometimes violent actions.

Too many times, I tried to reason with her and explain that she was home; this was her new home.

Inevitably things would get progressively worse.” Examples: Unfounded accusations: “You stole my vacuum cleaner!

“Don’t try to forcibly restrain the person unless there is absolutely no choice.” Mariotto agrees: “The biggest way to stop aggressive behavior is to remove the word ‘no’ from your vocabulary.” Examples: Statements such as “I want to go home! Remember that Alzheimer’s causes progressive damage to cognitive functioning, and this is what creates the confusion and memory loss.

If she was upset, oftentimes trying to talk to her and calm her down only served to agitate her more.“People with dementia are more apt to hit, kick or bite” in response to feeling helpless or afraid.Ann Napoletan, who writes for Caregivers.com, is all too familiar with this situation.Learn more about which strategies are most effective in dementia behavior management.Communication difficulties can be one of the most upsetting aspects of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia — and it’s frustrating for those with the disease and for loved ones. Explanation: The most important thing to remember about verbal or physical aggression, says the Alzheimer’s Association, is that your loved one is not doing it on purpose.

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