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Sadly, these people only talk to you if they know you already, which makes it hard for the average person to understand how they became friends with anyone in the first place. They're usually the biggest assholes you'll encounter and they spawn from lengthy exposure to Lake Zurich's lack of anything interesting and overcast weather.

A typical conversation with these people would be more like this: Average Person: Hi there. These people also tend to be the ones that protest things all day out of their asshole-ish boredom and lack of a real hobby. (smiles and starts laughing hysterically) (Average person walks away scared) Depressed megalomaniacs will often commit suicide or at least try to and make up 35% of the emo cliques in schools in the town.

They also thought it would be hilarious to raise families centered around a lake that's filled with Uranium and goose shit.

In the 1920's a change was made and some of those old cars were added to give the town some flava.

Imagine going to a town where there is a lake in the middle of it which just makes driving take longer, with everything around it and that everything just happens to be nothing, and you pretty much have Lake Zurich.

There's a fucking movie theater, a fucking bowling alley, and perhaps an Oberweis to drink milk shakes at with those little chocolate straw things in them to occupy your time while thinking about what you could be doing anywhere else in the country.

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