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This is what Trakai is unique for and well-known for like a resort area. As Venice or Saint-Petersburg it was built on the water.

But in comparison with its colleagues Trakai doesn’t have any outlet to the sea.

We are served by Velma, a lady who arrived from Lithuania 4 months ago and found work the day after she flew in. Her friend helped her to obtain a national insurance number and gave her somewhere to stay.

OMETV Lithuania is a free Chatroulette and Omegle alternative that connects people in Lithuania using their webcam.

Because he was still in his probationary period he had no recourse against his employer but at the time he did not consider bringing a claim or seeking legal advice (e.g. Mindaugas told us that he keeps meaning to join a trade union but hasn't got round to filling in the forms yet.

He said that his current job is OK but is hard work and managers chastise staff if they stop work at all to speak to other workers.

The medieval character of Trakai is used by numerous knights’ clubs that regularly organize their tournaments.

She had brought with her her two children and talked enthusiastically about how much better schooling is in the UK.

Lovely is the nature of Trakai and its surroundings.

Admirers of secluded and cosy hideaways and those who long for vast panoramas, wide open space and high skies can find much here to feast their eyes on.

He told us that he had been very unhappy in his first job in the UK because he had not been paid holiday pay and was made redundant a few weeks later.

Whilst in another job he raised concerns about not getting proper rest breaks (only getting 20 minutes break during a 10 hour working day) and his employer's response was to sack him.

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