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Before you become completely blotto, however, do ensure you stumble around Doyers Street, the crookedest street in Manhattan.

Think mad scientist meets mixologist meets opium dispensary, full of fancy laboratory gear to emphasize the medicinal qualities of Trummer's nine types of cocktails: Health and Beauty Stress Relievers Pain Killers Stimulants Aphrodisiacs Pharmaceuticals Euphoric Enhancers Therapeutic Treatments House Remedies With "over 250 house cocktails and 500 bottles of liquor from around the world," this is indeed impressive.

While the Oak Room itself is closed for the time being, the Oak Bar continues to serve well-crafted drinks with an even hand to an upscale clientele amidst the beauty and glamor of the historic space.

Once a locus of experimental, envelope-pushing music in Tribeca which showcased styles ranging from rock to jazz to neo-classical to electronica, the Knitting Factory, after being harangued by neighbors, relocated itself unto the more vibrant and welcoming neighborhood of Williamsburg.

A romantic and intimate venue, Café Carlyle continues the tradition of the 1930s supper club.

It features original murals created by French artist Marcel Vertes, the Oscar-winning art director of the 1952 Moulin Rouge.

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