Law school and dating

I want to hopefully secure a position that allows me to have a hand in international law.· 1st: The school fit with the life style I wanted to live.

The key is to act like you don’t care—or that you’re the kind of girl who has no problem with relationship-free hook-ups, because clearly, you’re not—it’s to act like you’re mature and worldly enough to acknowledge an awkward situation and move on.

The program begins with an intense five-day period during which attorneys flock to New Haven to interview, as well as wine and dine, law students.

Students usually participate in 10-15 interviews as well as several dinners and cocktail receptions during those five days.

And although the experience did not pan out as well for me as FIP did (though I did meet some really nice people), my roommates and I compiled a few universal truths about Speed Dating that, it turns out, were also 100% applicable to FIP: (This last truth is something that, thankfully, was applicable to a number of my FIP interviews.) Overall, Speed Dating and FIP were both fantastic experiences in my YLS career (FIP a bit more than actual Speed Dating), and it is my dearest wish that future YLS-ers look forward to both with anticipation.

If you are at all nervous about either, just re-read the universal truths above.

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I’m at a top 30 law school and I hooked up with a classmate.

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