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(Title V of the Telecommunications Act of 1996) The CDA was an attempt to regulate both obscenity and indecency on the Internet.

The act used the “contemporary community standards” measure to determine what would have been deemed “indecent.” Any operator who took “good faith provisions” to restrict access to minors, such as possession of a credit card or an adult identification number, would not have been liable under the law.

The Telecommunications Act, including the Exon Amendment, was signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1996.

The Rimm report, though, was far from a typical peer–reviewed scholarly source.

The reasoning behind the “harmful to minors” statute was that it had been used in a handful of state and local cases and upheld by the courts as reasonable.

For instance, (1968) upheld the legality of restricting the sale of “girlie magazines” to minors.

[1] James Exon had come under attack by civil libertarians and free speech activists for authoring the Communications Decency Act, which was widely criticized for violating the First Amendment and limiting Internet speech.

The amusement park is back in business and will be turning 90 years old this year.

The official opening ceremony took place last Sunday, April 9th as well as the 32nd annual “Blessing of the Rides”.

Less than a month later, two marketing professors at Vanderbilt University wrote a lengthy critique of the study that threw its results into question. The government argued the legitimacy of the “contemporary community standards” measure of indecency by citing previous cases, namely (1986), which upheld zoning laws keeping adult businesses such as cinemas and porn shops out of residential neighborhoods [3].

The 83.5 percent statistic which had prompted the story and fueled the entire cyberporn panic turned out to be largely made up (Hoffman and Novak, 1995b). An injunction was passed before the law went into effect, and on 12 June 1996, it was struck down 9-0 by the U. The Supreme Court did not agree with this defense, arguing instead that: The CDA differs from the various laws and orders upheld in those cases in many ways, including that it does not allow parents to consent to their children’s use of restricted materials; is not limited to commercial transactions; fails to provide any definition of “indecent” and omits any requirement that “patently offensive” material lack socially redeeming value; neither limits its broad categorical prohibitions to particular times nor bases them on an evaluation by an agency familiar with the medium’s unique characteristics; is punitive; applies to a medium that, unlike radio, receives full First Amendment protection; and cannot be properly analyzed as a form of time, place, and manner regulation because it is a content based blanket restriction on speech.

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