Katie price dating danny cipriani

And according to sources, they were there for around 40 minutes, even seen sharing a sneaky kiss, before leaving together.A source told The Sun: "The body language was pretty obvious.Nicole looked pretty smitten, she was laughing and smiling with him and even leaned in for a kiss at one point.“They were in the more secluded part of the bar but made no attempt to hide."Clearly neither cared if they were spotted spending time together."Only last week, the England rugby star was linked to Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner, aka Sansa Stark.Katie Price has slammed her estranged husband Kieran Hayler after he left fans baffled by posting a cosy video of the pair at home following her bombshell revelation she was divorcing him.Katie revealed she has ended her third marriage after he admitted to having a year-long affair with their children's nanny.But he still talked her around and she even sent him an i Pod full of romantic songs when he left for Australia shortly after – though he never mentioned it.Probably best off out of that one, if we’re honest Katie.

Meanwhile Nicole split from Oasis star Liam, 43, in 2014 after a 14-year marriage.The glamour model was caught cosying up to the rugby player whose previous girlfriends include model Kelly Brook.Price has recently split up from her Argentinian boyfriend Leandro Penna and was all smiles at the Thorpe Park attraction.Yeah, so on Sunday night’s show, Katie just came out with that story of how she caught rugby ace Danny Cipriani in bed with another woman while they were dating.Speaking to Cami Li about how she’s been cheated on by “loads” of different boyfriends, the Pricey said there was one in particular who really “head-f**ked” her (not like that).

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