Jungle sex payments

Take a harbor or island cruise on one of our luxury yachts where you and your companions can sunbath on the deck, enjoy some deep sea fishing, snorkeling and diving.

Food, drinks and gear are provided for your boating excursion, which is included in our Platinum packages.

We have over 200 straight and bi sexual women and models for your 24 hour selection and guests may change companions daily.

You will be invited to private clubs, receive Tango lessons, invites to the fashion scene and have full access to the city's rich heritage.We offer many activities, tours, excursions, such as river tours, bar hopping, trips to the smoke shops and all with a private car & driver.Or you may just wish to spend your time with your companion.At the end of a day exploring the city you and your ladies can light some candles, pour some drinks, turn on some music and just savory each other's intimacies or even head out to dance the night away in the city's many clubs and lounges.While there are many things to see and do it's your vacation and how you spend your time is always your choice.

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