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To be a performer you have to know panto; you have to know what an important part it has to play in this industry. “I would argue with anyone who would try to undermine pantomime or say it’s an inferior form of theatre.

For me it’s an introduction for children and families to the theatre.

“I remember going to see my friend Bonnie Langford in panto and sat there thinking ‘what is this? “I’d just done straight theatre or West End musicals at that point and although I’d heard of this thing called panto I really didn’t know anything about it.

“But then I did my homework and looked at the history of it.

Fearne Cotton went first, following by Stacey Solomon, who was worried saying: "I haven't done my pelvic floor!

It has become such a core part of my Christmastime now but it’s also such a core part of Britain’s culture.” John will be appearing with comedy duo The Krankies - this will be the seventh seasonal show they have starred in. “What they didn’t realise is that we all just enjoy having fun. We are laughing at ourselves just as much as the audience when we do this every night.” John, probably best known for playing Captain Jack Harkess in Doctor Who and the spin-off series Torchwood, believes that this unlikely partnership is partly due to a shared upbringing in Glasgow.“When we did our first pantomime together a lot of people in the industry said ‘it’s never going to work. John lived in the city until he was eight when the family moved to America. “I think it stems from the fact that we all have links to Glasgow and share that Glasgow sense of humour.It’s a city where humour is so important.” Although he can remember going to see Peter Pan at Glasgow’s Kelvin Hall when he was a child, it wasn’t until he returned to the UK in 1989 that his love for pantomime really developed.“My husband Scott is coming over and we’ve taken on a place not just for ourselves but also one for his parents and sister who are joining us.So it will be an in-law family Christmas.” After Dick Whittington, John’s diary is already looking pretty full.

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