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You also bring in an interesting perspective because you are a person with a big job, yourself. I have a second book coming out sometime at the end of next year. But then I take breaks after the draft is done or I send something in.

There was definitely a lot that just fell by the wayside in my life. Those breaks are really important to me as a creative person and just as a human being.

You live life going to a party and wondering "Am I the only black person here? Or just assholes saying random things occasionally.Nobody's themselves at a wedding—sometimes in a good way.There's something weird about an event where so many people from different parts of your life are together. Sometimes salted butter or butter with a little salt sprinkled on top. I am not a picky eater but my only major food dislikes are textural so I don't really like things that are jiggly or gloppy.Because you live life that way, they aren't a big deal because it's something you get used to.But it's also something that it would not feel real for me to write a story and ignore that. It is hard to grow up as a woman and not criticize your body internally no matter what you look like.

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Then I moved into current historical romances, still set in that time period. A few years before that I started writing fiction, but mostly young adult. In those Regency books, there is an overwhelming whiteness.

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