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Feeling an outsider in both the black and white communities, his isolation became the driving force behind his will to succeed.

Now, for the first time, film-maker Kevin Macdonald has put a face to Marley’s philandering father.

The extraordinary story of how the dreadlocked musician rose from such obscurity to become one of the demi-gods of popular music from the Seventies to the present day is the subject of a fascinating new documentary film which, for the first time, spells out the truth about his ancestry.

By the time he held his now famous One Love Peace Concert in Kingston in 1978, Marley had been elevated to the status of local saint — though his dream of peace and harmony were not shared by everyone.Then, in front of 30,000 people, he invited the bitter political opponents Prime Minister Michael Manley and his Right-wing challenger Edward Seaga on stage and joined their hands above his head, begging them to be reconciled.Marley went on to perform in the Gabon in Africa — where the president’s daughter fell in love with him — and at Zimbabwe’s independence celebrations in 1980, long before the world learned the full truth about Robert Mugabe.After independence from the British in 1962, the bitter hatred of rival political parties had led to gang warfare in the streets.Marley himself narrowly escaped serious injury when a bullet grazed his chest.

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