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Nevertheless, no arrests would be made for 16 years after the murder.It wouldn’t be until 19 November 2008 that the Crime Branch would finally arrest the two priests and the murderous nun for Abhaya’s murder.

Some of her herbal potions were probably as effective as Herbal Magic (TM).The three accused said they were not physically tortured, but were mentally harassed. Augustine, the Assistant Sub Inspector who prepared the First Information Report during the initial case investigation, committed suicide by cutting the artery on his wrist and taking poison. In his personal diary, Augustine wrote about how he was pressured by CBI to say that police officers had influenced him.They were kept in dark rooms and were not allowed to sleep for three days. The CBI had alleged that Augustine destroyed evidence and closed the case as a suicide, but the diary revealed it was Augustine who suspected a possible homicide.One wonders how neglectful the rich farmers really were.It seems to me it wouldn’t take a whole lot of motivation to off one’s spouse and inherit a sizeable fortune.

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