Is john ramsey still dating beth holloway

According to other investigative reports, it’s inconclusive whether the 6 year-old had the pineapple an hour or two prior to her death or earlier in the day.

The pen used to write the note—an FBI profiler estimates it took 21 minutes for the author to practice on the pad and then compose it—was found in a cup with other Sharpies right next to the phone in the kitchen where Patsy kept them.

Similarly, it was discovered that unidentified dark animal hairs were found on her hands.

Nothing in the home matched the animal hair samples found on the duct tape.

Oddly, John Ramsey had recently received a holiday bonus nearly the exact amount demanded in the note.

(Image Source: pintrest) The Ransom Note & 911 Early on December 26th, Patsy Ramsey (possibly in the same clothes), awoke at am and was said to have made her way down a staircase known to those familiar with the large house.

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