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“It was time in my life for a new experience, and I had no idea how wonderful it could be,” says St. She still winces over the day when her red husky, Ruby, was shot dead by a neighboring rancher. But now I realize that’s his karma and it will all work out.” She’s kept the Aspen property and visits often. Though she looks a decade younger than she is, the prospect of aging holds no terror.John, who took to raising vegetables, orchids and peonies. “That was the only time I wished I was a man,” says St. “Good memories are better than an unlined face or the biggest diamond in the world,” she says.His death in a plane crash in 1972 gave her empathy for Wagner’s tragic loss.

Daredevils producer Bernie Rothman remembers Jill as “all fluttery and sweet” during the early days of the Wagner courtship. At 10, she toured with Martha Raye in Annie Get Your Gun and studied at the Panaieff Ballet Center in Hollywood, where her classmates included Natalie Wood and Stefanie Powers.“I know who I am and those who care about me know who I am,” she states.Later she adds proudly, “I get along beautifully with R. John notes that her return to Los Angeles last summer had nothing to do with Wagner.“I found great spirituality in the mountains.” She started a designer sweater business, Smith-St. Her new relationship with Wagner, to whom she now shyly refers as “my boyfriend” among friends, has clearly brought important changes.“I think people who are happy just look better,” she says brightly.

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