Invalidating query cache entries key mysql

You may want to nest cached fragments inside other cached fragments. The advantage of Russian doll caching is that if a single product is updated, all the other inner fragments can be reused when regenerating the outer fragment.

When different parts of the page need to be cached and expired separately you can use Fragment Caching.Instead of writing every template out, you can use a wildcard to match any template in a directory: As for collection caching, if the partial template doesn't start with a clean cache call, you can still benefit from collection caching by adding a special comment format anywhere in the template, like: If you use a helper method, for example, inside a cached block and you then update that helper, you'll have to bump the cache as well.It doesn't really matter how you do it, but the MD5 of the template file must change.After reading this guide, you will know: This is an introduction to three types of caching techniques: page, action and fragment caching. In order to use page and action caching you will need to add Page caching is a Rails mechanism which allows the request for a generated page to be fulfilled by the webserver (i.e.Apache or NGINX) without having to go through the entire Rails stack.

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