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Excitement urination that causes an owner to get angry can easily become submissive urination.The dog does not understand why you are angry and, in a dog’s mind, peeing is his attempt to calm and appease you. Would you like us to send you information specifically geared to young or adult aged 1 year or more? Excitement urination happens when infant muscles in puppies cannot hold urine if the puppy gets excited, and it pees. Akita Training American Bulldog Training American Staffordshire Terrier Training Australian Shepherd Training Beagle Training Bernese Mountain Dog Training Bichon Frise Training Blue Heeler Training Border Collie Training Boston Terrier Training Boxer Training Cairn Terrier Training Catahoula Leopard Dog Training Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Training Chesapeake Bay Retriever Training Chihuahua Training Cocker Spaniel Training Dachshund Training Doberman Pinscher Training English Bulldog Training English Springer Spaniel Training German Shepherd Training German Shorthaired Pointer Training Golden Retriever Training Great Dane Training Havanese Training Italian Greyhound Training Jack Russell Terrier Training Labrador Retriever Training Lhasa Apso Training Maltese Training Miniature Pinscher Training Miniature Schnauzer Training Olde English Bull Dogge Training Papillon Training Pembroke Welsh Corgi Training Pomeranian Training Poodle Training Pug Training Rat Terrier Training Rhodesian Ridgeback Training Rottweiler Training Saint Bernard Training Shetland Sheepdog Training Shih Tzu Training Siberian Husky Training Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Training Toy Poodle Training Weimaraner Training West Highland White Terrier Training Yorkshire Terrier Training Many dogs have a tendency to urinate (pee) when excited or scared, which can happen to other breeds as well, particularly when they are puppies.with a shoulder height from 24 to 36 inches) there are many other large breeds that owners have to choose from.Breeds like the German Shepherd, Retriever and even Great Danes.The second, and the more extensive story, has to do with a hoodlum who runs a dogfighting ring. The son and a friend decide to beat this kid up, but end up stabbing him to death.

Yep, that tail sure moves the air, and not only that but moves other things as well.

Excitement or submissive urination is part of this breed’s specific instincts. The dog is not doing it to be disobedient or punish you!

He is excited, scared, or showing submissiveness to a person or animal he perceives as dominant.

Frost and his men assist RSPCA officer Christine Moorhead in smashing an illegal dog fighting ring but its organizer, local gangster Gerry Berland, eludes them.

One of Christine's helpers, Brian, is stabbed to death by Berland's thuggish son Sean, who believes he set the police on the ring,and Christine recognizes him and his accomplice, Neil.

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