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According to the latest Statistics Canada data, nearly twice as many Toronto couples are in mixed marriages, legal and common law, as the rest of Canadians, 7.1 per cent versus 3.9 per cent.That number covers all existing unions, including dusty old ones like mine.New arrivals come burdened with the past, fearing for the future, not yet understanding that it will be unimaginably different from everything they left behind.

(When 16-year-old Aqsa Parvez now famously tried to ditch the veil—and avoid an arranged marriage—her father and brother strangled her to death.) But overwhelmingly, in a generation or two, immigrants integrate.In the meantime, big corporations and leaders in the financial services industry are bending over backwards trying to tap into new Canadian markets.In the past couple of years, the Royal Bank has recruited 100 immigrants from China, India, the Middle East and Latin America as personal account managers.The other day, the waitress at Congee Queen, the best Chinese restaurant in Don Mills, assumed he was a visiting hockey player from Scandinavia, probably because I had once taken several teenaged Danish players there for platters of beef chow mein. At 17, my younger son and his schoolmates satirize racism and, like the comedian Russell Peters, flip prejudice on its ugly head. As long as the zinger smacks a stereotype, it works for any ethnic group. For years, everyone thought Toronto was an aboriginal word for “meeting place.” It’s not.The kids have boundaries: they won’t make fun of anyone’s acne or parents, and they won’t bully anyone. It means “where there are trees standing in the water.” Who cares?

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The majority of the new hires had financial services experience, and many were prominent in their communities.

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