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Textbook Money is not even close to being a competitor to Zen Arbitrage simply because it only does one of the many things Zen Arbitrage does.

Textbook Money offers only two things: An Amazon trade in value tool. Zen Arbitrage does this (in a different way) – and offers multiple other ways to profit from online book arbitrage, from selling leads to other users, to our core function: Finding books you can sell yourself (where the real money is, despite what the trade-in tool marketers tell you). I forget what they even call their Zen Arbitrage rip-off product, but it’s 7 a month (vs. Like other attempts to knock off Zen Arbitrage, it doesn’t do a fraction of what Zen Arbitrage does.

Before we offer the big takeaway (and a cool announcement), let’s do a little sidebar interview for a behind the scenes look…Sidebar: Interview With Zen Arbitrage’s Lead Developer In general web parlance, a “bot” is a piece of software used to simulate the behavior of a real human user interacting with a webpage, usually without the permission or knowledge of the content owner.

The variety Zen typically encounters are referred to as “scrapers” – they’re custom-built and their only objective is data theft.

Amateur cons fall victim to an epic prank after stealing from Zen Arbitrage What follows is the true story about how “Textbook Money” stole our data, and how we royally conned them in the process.

In this article: The story Several months ago, the lead developer at Zen Arbitrage noticed some unusual activity among users.

Here’s a sample of the emails I received: And in the interest of fairness, this person made money with Textbook Money, “in the beginning.”(Update: View over 50 more emails from angry ex-members here)What are people saying about Textbook Money? If it had a trade in value of .31, we said it was 0. Anyone trying to use this data to make money with online book arbitrage would be instantly out of business. The plot thickened when we figured out the infiltrators were Textbook Money This is where it got interesting. (Justice for the culprits, not their unwitting subscribers)(Request traffic from the bot that attacked Zen Arbitrage)If the theory was true, Textbook Money has been selling their customers completely inaccurate garbage for months Any data they stole from us and then sold to their customers was completely garbage, and their customers were getting sold complete garbage.

In analyzing their motive, our only reasonable assumption was: Remember, the data they were getting (and selling? That means any customers they may have sold our data to were getting…. And if accurate, Textbook Money reselling the garbage data we’d been feeding them would explain the huge uptick in bad reviews, angry customers, and exodus out of Textbook Money (and over to Zen Arbitrage) around the time we started sending them garbage data.

No credit card or user data was taken.)Before we continue with the epic prank we pulled on them, some background…Who or what is “Textbook Money” (aka Book”)?Obviously Textbook Money looked really scammy, but when asked, I withheld comment without any solid evidence.Side note: Textbook Money is a Zen Arbitrage competitor There was no financial motive for me to have an opinion either way.Among it is lucrative data such as textbook trade in value, sales rank, IBSN info, and more.Also in our database is data no one else has, including six month average sales rank, a textbook-only database, another database containing thousands of books with book arbitrage / resale value, and more.

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This might be the most poetic justice in the history of poetic justice. Every credit card linked to the Textbook Money accounts since November 2nd (and most before) has been declined (i.e. Every time our system would boot them for declined charges, they’d sign up again under an email address that slightly deviated from “[email protected]“.

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  2. I wouldn't find it that believable unless I knew of some reason for their enmity, which I don't. Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Huey Lewis, Cameron Diaz, Macy Grey, Josh Groban, Don Cheadle and many more. There's nothing quite like going way overboard on a retaliation prank.

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