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There are two cool things about this truck, first you cannot gain stars.

Hit police cars, run over people, skip a toll booth and you will not gain any stars.

While in a vehicle, quickly tapping the Y button will cause the engine to keep running while you head off to do something on foot.To get an achievement for 6 stars wanted level go to ocean find a turbo boat and make sure you have a life jacket and ride the boat around a blocked island and get 3 stars after shoot at some boats until you get 6 stars after try to survive for at least five minutes and after try to loose your wanted level trust me your going to have to be slick.In the mission where you have to kill either Dwayne or Playboy X, killing Dwayne will give you no benefits, while killing Playboy X gives you his penthouse as a safehouse, as well as a hidden easter egg: the clothes that Clyde wears in GTA III. You can also kill more people taking their money from the ATM to increase the amount of money that respawns.Find the 2 yellow small signs that have a small path between them.Take the airplane and carefully place it in the center of the pathway staying on the path straight.

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