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In that age group, infertility is defined as one year of trying and failing to conceive.

“You are really still in your fertility peak until 31 or 32," said Dr.

“We met on Tinder, and now we’re in a happy relationship!

” a friend exclaims as they stroke the shoulder of their beloved.

Matched with destiny, your future trips happily towards the light.

“If you just put yourself out there, you’ll find somebody.

Women are often prescribed drugs to promote ovulation, or they try artificial insemination or IVF.

Artificial insemination is significantly cheaper (at an average of 5, according to Resolve) than the ,000-plus per cycle paid by women doing IVF.

She has been told that an autoimmune disorder is at the root of her infertility. George Attia, director of the Reproductive and Fertility Center at The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

"The other cause is the partner may have a low sperm count, or poor sperm motility.” (According to Resolve: The National Infertility Association, one third of infertility is a result of male factors.) Some studies have focused on the role that environmental exposures, like pesticides and heavy metals, as well as behaviors such as drinking and smoking, can play in declining sperm counts, largely because those effects are easier to see and track in men.

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Which can make it all the more shocking for women who cannot.

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