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Apple computers such as the Mac Book or Mac Book Air automatically come with 8GB while the most powerful i Mac can have up to 32GB of RAM.

In most computers it’s possible to upgrade the amount of RAM you have and this is a cost-effective way of boosting the power of an ageing laptop or desktop.Now, though, the main programs (Google’s email, document, spreadsheet and presentation software) largely work when you’re offline, too. The Mac Book Air was a game-changer – a laptop so slim and light it was first revealed when then Apple CEO Steve Jobs slid it out of an envelope.The range is small: as well as the Air there is the Mac Book and the extra-powerful Mac Book Pro, which has great innovations like the Touch Bar.This is where the top row of function keys is replaced by a narrow touchscreen where the virtual buttons change according to what you’re doing. There are no touchscreen Mac Books, nor any with a slot for a sim card for continuous internet access.Make sure you look out for the following relevant features when buying.

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The more powerful the processor and the greater the active memory (called RAM, see below), the faster your laptop will run.

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