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You have the final decision whether to show or hide these chat messages.No system is perfect, but this feature can make it easier for you to moderate live chat messages on your live stream.Forget about email, communicate in real-time without restrictions. People often feel like they are the only ones struggling. Many people around us are struggling with the common cold that is depression.The 'Comments' metric is for You can have You Tube hold potentially inappropriate live chat messages.If you choose to opt in, live chat messages that our system identifies will be held for review in the chat feed.Monday – Sunday: 24 hours a day The quickest way to assess and fix your device issue is to visit a Sprint Repair Center to allow a technician to see exactly what you're experiencing.

Replace Slack with the ultimate team chat software solution.

This was part of our Online TV for Windows App, however we wanted everyone to be able to chat on a stand-alone client, so please enjoy the service.

You can get Online TV for Windows from here: If you find any bugs please use the built-in feedback function to report the errors.

Live chat is enabled by default and will appear to the right of the video player only when your event is active.

The Live chat module only exists on the You Tube watch pages – it does not follow embedded players. Viewers can choose between two views of Live chat at any time.

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Feeling sad or depressed are emotions that almost everyone experiences at some point in their lives, but if they go on for an extended period of time, you should talk to a professional.

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