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You’re in there because you have to be in that mind frame.” With the growth of Psychopathic, the duo are no longer soley responsible for the grunt work on their projects; however, Shaggy affirms that he and Violent J are involved, in some manner, in every aspect of the music-making and brand.

“The only difference is that now we work with producers that give us full tracks,” he explains.

” Later, I wonder if a ghostwriter was responsible for the now-infamous ICP line, “Fucking magnets, how do they work?

” from 2009’s oft-lampooned “Miracles.” One song on Lost, “Confederate Flag,” turned out to be a particularly timely anthem.

Michael Jackson had ghostwriters, what’s that tell you?

It goes beyond parodic fascination, though; after a long battle, the 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals finally ruled in favor of a lawsuit filed by ICP after the FBI wrongfully labeled Juggalos a violent gang.

I scroll through some photos from the last Gathering of the Juggalos, a festival/family reunion for ICP fans.

Why don’t you go drive out to a Tigers game in downtown Detroit and see how people do it there?

You got big balls out here, let’s see if you get a little closer.” The flag issue runs deep in ICP culture; the group has a tradition of throwing a rebel flag-draped scarecrow into the audience during their hit “Chicken Huntin’” and encouraging their fans to rip it to shreds.

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