Hu ge and ariel lin dating

In 2015, she starred in Go Lala Go 2, the sequel to the 2010 hit movie Go Lala Go! She then starred in the romantic drama film Another Woman.

She subsequently won her second Golden Bell Award for Best Actress.

The first music video of the first lead track "甜蜜花園" (Sweet Garden) was released in mid-June and music video for the second lead track "螢火蟲" (Firefly), was released in early July, with feature appearances by Donghae and Siwon of Korean boy band Super Junior. The same year, she made her musical theater debut in the play The War and Peace between Men and Women.

In 2010, Ariel released her second album A Wonderful Journey, which surpassed the sales of her first album.

It was chosen by the Most Popular Taiwanese Film at the 6th Straits Forum.

She also had another film released in the same year, titled My Lover is a Superman, adapted from Giddens Ko's novel A-Choo! However, it was postponed due to Kai Ko's drug scandal.

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