How to block mature dating sites on my computer

Below is a simple step by step tutorial on how to filter the internet for your i Phone, i Pad, Android smart phones and Windows 8 Tablet for the entire family.

Unlike Android where you can change the DNS and blocks adult websites without installing any apps, Apple’s i Phone on the other hand uses a more ‘fool’ proof method via the Parental Control feature.

First off you will need to update to i OS 7 to use the Adult Web Filtering feature. Step 1 – Go to ‘Settings’ Step 3 – Check ‘Limit Adult Content’, you can even include your own custom URL that you do not want your kids to visit.

How to filter the internet or certain websites for the entire family?

The user interface for Android and Windows OS may differ from one another, they key ingredient is to input the DNS.

This is the simplest parental control method ever, protect your children now!

This method gives you a lots of control on which content to be blocked from your kids’ devices, from downloading illegal torrent, watching movies, visiting gambling sites, porn, gambling, dating, racist, hate sites or visiting social media sites.

The drawback is if you have dynamic IP address, you will have to update the IP address every time you switch off and on the router. To enable filtering on the entire internet in the house, you will have to set the DNS in your router.

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To accomplish this task we 'll use the Domain Name System.

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