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This page was designed to step you through the several different aspects of setting up your transmit audio from component ordering to individual processor settings necessary in achieving that ultimate SSBaudio that you have been looking for.

First, let me set the record straight; If you are looking for near AM broadcast quality audio on SSB, then this page was designed for you!

I'm not saying that anything less than a 3k Hz bandwidth will sound bad.

(See the "" page for some of these web sites.) AM broadcast audio has, by nature, a very wide open, more pleasing sound than the typical Amateur SSB station, with little emphasis on the upper midrange frequencies from 1k Hz ~ 3k Hz.If your transceiver cannot exceed 3k Hz on transmit, then forget it!You will not have the necessary bandwidth to phsyco-acustically sound like AM broadcast!Fortunately, for those who loved the wider and more pleasing sound of AM, it's still around, barely.However, there has been a resurgence for "Quality" modulation in the Single Sideband domain while still remaining relatively narrow as compared to its full AM modulated counterpart.

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Amateur Radio SSB bandwidths can vary depending on the transceiver being used.

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