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This episodes sees the return of Jessica Collins as Mindy, we see her trying to take over the criminal underworld.We also see Superman get infected and weakened with Lois having to turn to her father.Jamie is younger (late teens in "Outlander" at least, when it starts), has longish red hair (obviously), Scottish (obviously), so they'd need an actor who could do a believable Scottish accent. I read these books when my Mom was done with them, since then we have discussed how this would make a great film and who could portray the main characters.There weren't many choices at the time for good actors but now, now the door has been opened for some great potential.

Clark tries to figure out what is happening and Mxyzptlk tells him that every time people live the same day they lose a little of their hope and when the hope is lost completely, Superman will not be necessary to them.

Their investigation leads them to Schott who gets arrested for his creation but also regrets and makes clear that he cares and loves kids.

In the meantime, Superman asks from toy store owners to donor toys to the orphanage kids and Lois plans a Christmas dinner for family and friends.

I'm just trying to figure out who'd they cast as Claire and Jamie.

Claire is British and has naturally curly hair, and is very confident. *shrug* 5 Ohhhh I am very excited, but alas I am also a female.

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