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If you are active sexually (having sex), you are at risk of catching genital herpes, irrespective of your gender, race or social class.

If your partner has a first episode of genital herpes, your partner is likely to feel generally ill and have fever, headache, general bone & muscle aches, and also irritation in the genitals.

A honest and positive conversation about issues relating to herpes is the best approach and may be helped by forward preparation.

People fear the likelyhood of rejection but the truth of this is that it hardly happens.

But, for several people who have genital herpes, the physical traits are far outweighed by the emotional tension relating to the diagnosis.

There are many misunderstandings about genital herpes, as well as the belief that it is associated with promiscuity, and these has tagged a reputation to it which may result in your partner feeling angry and shocked by the diagnosis.

Several people find that their partners are both encouraging and understanding.

It is a common presumption to initially think that someone may base their percipience of you based on the fact you have the virus.

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