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LL I think for couples our age, finding time for each other is also a challenge. LL Or to just think you want something else when you don’t realise how good you have it. Once you’ve committed this much time, effort and love into something, it doesn’t make sense to []… LL Knowing every little thing about a person takes time. For the full story, get the February issue of ELLE Singapore here!

No matter where a couple is going, towards marriage or children, they have to constantly be honest and open.

Liv escaped Tokyo during the March 11th 2011 disaster and found solace in Henry’s warm embrace in the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia.

This was where a beautiful love blossomed.”Actually, Henry was going to propose in the morning, but when he saw how cozy and comfy they were sleeping in, he decided not to wake Liv up to take her to the beach to propose.

Check out more of their gorgeous wedding photos in the gallery below: 29-year-old Henry Golding and 31-year-old Liv Lo met by fate on New Year’s day in 2011 at a restaurant in Singapore.

Golding is currently a TV host for BBC’s “The Travel Show”, which airs on BBC World News and BBC Two while Lo is a popular yoga instructor and fashion host in Singapore.

It’s no wonder the nature-loving couple chose it as their ideal wedding venue.

It’s taught us to appreciate each other more, and develop individually at the same time.”Adds Golding, “I don’t know how others do it, those who go through a 9-to-5 and then home to see each other. HG Definitely our parents - mine have been together for about 30 years. Love and marriage are different for the older generation, though. HG My takeaway is to be each other’s best friends to spend the rest of your life with. HG If you strip everything away and you get along, that’s key. But it’s the 21st century - you have communication available in every form.It wasn't until Henry made a trip to Tokyo under the guise of ‘visiting his friend’ that he took Liv out on their first date to celebrate a belated Valentine’s Day.With Henry living in Kuala Lumpur and Liv living in Tokyo, they knew they had something great together, but it took a tsunami to make it happen.Instead, when Liv woke up, he said, ‘Let’s have the best day ever,’ and they did. It happened naturally, with not too much planning, but he knew it was going to happen that day.”“The wedding didn't have a color theme as the setting was beautiful and green.Liv requested all the guests to wear white so there was a unified colour and everyone would be equal.

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