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The first has to do with his many years of hard work in restoring numerous bridges, especially with his company BACH Steel, located in Michigan.There will be more on his successes when the interview is finished and posted.More Information on the bridges in the region can be found here.Here are the rest of the results: There are many characteristics that make this year’s winner a treat to visit.

With their success Story, perhaps the City will rethink the way they treat their historic structures as they have been on the onslaught by those who think newer and leaner is better.

It had some massive competition from another bridge, located in Des Moines, Iowa, in the Green Bridge.

The 1898 three-span Pratt through truss bridge was restored on site with new cassion piers and truss bridge parts as well as new decking and lighting and became a posterboy in the face of the city council’s attempts to modernize the Des Moines River crossings by replacing arch bridges with faux arches.

It was then that 1800 voters selected the two-span Pennsylvania through truss bridge spanning the Chippewa River in Wisconsin, the Cobban Bridge.

The 1908 product of Modern Steel Structures Company is listed on the National Register of Historic Places but its future is in peril after county officials voted to close off the bridge to all traffic last year, deeming it unsafe.

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