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I can't even remember the little critters' names half the time, and how much longer George Booth's great New Yorker cartoons (right) will seem funny is in serious question.Anyone who has attempted (as I just did) to make a grilled cheese sandwich while surrounded by five cats and two dogs, all firmly convinced that I was cooking their dinner, will understand.As many as 53 percent of users lie on their dating profiles.Yet, when Catherine asks Albert's mother to read the entry, she reads "I came home..." first.When they walk out to find Colin, she is wearing flats.Contrary to what producers and directors think, the TV audience is not stupid.We pick up on all of these bloopers and it really makes television shows and movies look cheap.

When one of the host's sons dies at the event, Maggie and Henry are on the case once again, finding themselves in the crosshairs of a bitter feud between heirs to a family fortune. I know Maggie was supposed to be mad at him for not sharing more of his personal life, but their chemistry was DOA. When Maggie and Henry go into the barn to talk with a suspect, Maggie is wearing spiked heels.

In Chinatown we boarded our bus for the "Round Singapore Island Tour".

This was the beginning of a great seven hour tour, well worth the money we paid.

When Henry Roth is hired to find the best Italian chef for a new high-end eatery, murder was not on the menu.

As the body count climbs, Henry and Maggie find themselves at the heart of another mystery with deadly consequences.

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When Henry is invited as a guest speaker at a luxury resort spa, he quickly finds himself at the center of another murder.

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