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Secondly if you want to include a custom field (some button or link) in the same column it’s not possible.

Save all or press "Ctrl S" and hit "F5" to run the page, the page will look as in the following image: Click on "Edit the Grid View", it will display Textboxes in each cell as in the following image: Edit the value(s) here and click on the Update link, it will update all the data or to remove it click on the "Delete" link above the image shown.Ok let’s move on to Code behind what we have to do when user clicks Edit, Delete, Update and Cancel When we click on Edit the On Row Editing event will be fired.You can see the C# code below will give the row number whatever you are editing by New Edit Index property.I found lot of questions like this but none of them helps me.What's the reason it doesn't get the right selected value from Drop Down List? When I remove the Grid View and just use Drop Down List then it works fine.

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But it still throws the same exception, although I've read on a couple of sites that changing it to On Row Editing and Grid View Edit Event Args would solve the problem.

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