Googlre search box not updating searching

Click the calendar icon to open the Lightning Calendar tab.

Per default, you’ll see a Home calendar in Lightning.

However, you will need the calendar’s i Cal address Let’s say you just want to view one of your Google Calendars.

Open the Google Calendar web interface, expand My calendars, click the arrowhead next to one of the calendars, and select Calendar settings.

The size of the Play Store APK actually went down, so Google must have trimmed some extra fat.

We're still digging through everything - in the meantime, check out the screenshots and grab the new version from our mirrors.

Update #1: You can multi-select by long-pressing any app in the list and then tapping more apps, then delete them all in one go (added 2 new screenshots demonstrating it).To complete the installation, you’ll have to Restart Thunderbird.With Lightning installed, you should see the Lightning Calendar icon at the top right, next to the Tasks icon.For more details about the Lightning Calendar, read Mozilla’s Lightning Calendar documentation.If you’d rather not use the Lightning Calendar, you can use Google Calendar Tab to bring the Google Calendar web interface to Thunderbird.

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I've added more screenshots showing the differences.

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