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During that time, bug fixes may be applied in this branch (rather than on the This step may well lead to a merge conflict (probably even, since we have changed the version number). Now we are really done and the release branch may be removed, since we don’t need it anymore: Hotfix branches are very much like release branches in that they are also meant to prepare for a new production release, albeit unplanned.

They arise from the necessity to act immediately upon an undesired state of a live production version.

At the core, the development model is greatly inspired by existing models out there.

The central repo holds two main branches with an infinite lifetime: always reflects a state with the latest delivered development changes for the next release. This is where any automatic nightly builds are built from.

So we branch off and give the release branch a name reflecting the new version number: files change.) Then, the bumped version number is committed.

This new branch may exist there for a while, until the release may be rolled out definitely.

For example, in CVS/Subversion books, branching and merging is first discussed in the later chapters (for advanced users), while in every Git book, it’s already covered in chapter 3 (basics).

As a consequence of its simplicity and repetitive nature, branching and merging are no longer something to be afraid of.

I’ve been meaning to write about it for a while now, but I’ve never really found the time to do so thoroughly, until now.

They allow for last-minute dotting of i’s and crossing t’s.

Furthermore, they allow for minor bug fixes and preparing meta-data for a release (version number, build dates, etc.).

Version control tools are supposed to assist in branching/merging more than anything else.

Enough about the tools, let’s head onto the development model.

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