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Ribisi’s father, Al, wrote an article titled, “All My Kids Have Italian Names.” In it, he talks about his children and grandchildren’s very ethnic first names. It doesn’t get any better than this even with tomato sauce with some pecorino cheese sprinkled on top!

He starts with his children, and explains Marissa’s truly Italian moniker, saying: Marissa is the proud owner of a first name rarely heard outside of Sicily—“Santina.” And the only place outside of the Great Republic of Italia where you’ll hear the name Santina is when her brother addresses her in pet-name speak. In October 2007, Ribisi launched urban line Whitley Kros.

The genetically blessed actress married her man in a lavish ceremony in Brooklyn Heights, taking the time to share some romantic snaps to Instagram.

The bride looked sensational in a unique, lacy Molly Goddard gown with pink underskirt, teamed with aqua blue shoes and a subtle bouquet.

According to aol TV, their mom is a talent manager for actors and writers and father was the keyboard player in the ’60s band People!

, and his mother, Gay (née Landrum), is a manager of actors and writers.

All of this adds to the mess and the mouthful that is being a Ribisi. Cosimo, after the most famous Medici, the sponsor of Michelangelo! In the above video, she was interviewed with her design partner, Sofia Coloma during L.

."It's unlikely, especially given the religion's views on inter-faith marriage, that he'd have married Agy if she wasn't considering converting.

Ribisi and Deyn wed in a quiet ceremony in June 2012. He's my hero," the actress said of Ribisi to In Style U.

The actor was previously married to Mariah O'Brien from 1997 to 2001, and has a 17-year-old daughter, Lucia, with his first wife.

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