Generating list of changesets and updating work items

The RTC build toolkit home path is required for the master to be able to test connections and build artifacts.Note: If a password file is being used to authenticate with the RTC server for a particular job, it is unnecessary to copy that file to each of the slaves.See JENKINS-42499 and this Jenkins developers forum post.Therefore, the issue reported in Defect 370979 - Environment variables for snapshot, build result UUID are null if env object is accessed before running teamconcert checkout step, in a pipeline script and the issue reported in this forum post are not seen anymore.

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Because of the transient nature of the files, they have the capability of retaining information about the systems they are created or modified on even as they pass from host to host or volume to volume.

Careful examination of artifacts contained within file formats can be the key that ties a remote user or system to the activity of interest.

After every checkout, you can save each snapshot UUID into a separate variable as follows Though the Team Concert plugin publishes the environment variables when checkout is invoked, in pipeline scripts the env object once constructed is not refreshed with any of the environment variables, published later.

Neither the SCM checkout interface supports returning of any values from the implementation.

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File analysis can be broken up into two distinct but complementary activities: content identification and metadata extraction.

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