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Naturally, as with any stereotype, the meganekko can be inverted or subverted, but the vast majority in anime are sweet, smart and relatively independent.

Occasionally she's an unpopular character within the story, but not with the fans. Whether she's Blind Without 'Em or not, they are presented as key to her appeal.

Literally, "glasses girl"—one of the classic "sweet girl" stereotypes in anime.

When seen through the lens of how attractive others find her, she's cute without going overboard and seems more approachable than a more conventionally beautiful girl.

Plain and simple—this is the best flying machine on the market.

The bluetooth speaker mounts right on my handlebars so I can rock out to my favorite tunes on my way to anywhere.Expect this to be on my list until I can actually buy one.N/A The bicycle is already the most efficient means of self-powered transportation in the world, but this holiday season it's getting even better. Not yet announced writer Megan Amram's new book is a hilarious take on the women's magazines you see by the checkout line at the grocery story.The meganekko is usually pleasant and clever, and something about the fact that she needs glasses seems to imply an endearing vulnerability that makes her far more accessible to the average guy.After the Yamato Nadeshiko, she's presented as the second-best girl that a boy can bring home to meet his parents and probably the more realistic of the two.

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