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Brendon quickly looked away once he was over the initial shock of the boy’s imminent beauty.He was sure he would have that cardiac arrest right about now.Brendon never had a large group of friends at Pine Crest. Alex Suarez isn’t particularly modest or pious, but he’s funny, and nice, and that’s more than Brendon’s ever had before.The other student at the pet store is harder to forgive." "Me." Pete Wentz is a famous Charmer with a great talent for poetry magic.

What they’re not aware of is the mandatory community service credit Irving has for all seniors.

He even owns his own bookstore and cafe, Prince Charmer's. Until a musician comes in one day, asking for work. They're from different worlds, Pete's magical, and Patrick's Banal. What not many people know is that it was also caused by Brendon and Ryan's messy break up. album is coming out in less than a month, and then Ryan shows up in LA... A boy with messy, dark curls that framed his face perfectly stood right up against a pole.

How long can Pete keep magic a secret from Patrick, and what will happen when Patrick finds out? He had soft, small features which were emphasized by his wide, doe saffron eyes.

He heartily attempts to avoid awkward truths before finally giving in to his true nature, an act which costs him his church and family.

But if there’s one lesson he’s learned senior year, it’s there is more than one way to live your life.

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