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Mormons are the perfect example to me of why all religions are equally stupid.

Here are some things the magic underpants can protect you from – fire, knives, bullets, grenades and Satan.

These guys are the funniest religion I have ever seen. Something I love most is that Christians get a laugh with me, but don’t see the tragic irony of that.They also believe that if a black person prays hard enough, they will become white.Fact 5 – According to Joseph Smith (the rapist/pedophile/sycophant), after Jesus was crucified, he came to America and met the Native Americans, and that they are the lost tribe of the Jews.Dating is a very mysterious beast and we do not know everything there is to know about attraction or dating, some of the most fascinating questions like “what is attraction” or “why are we attracted some people but not others” are questions that we still to this day do not know.One thing is for certain, psychologist love speed dating because speed dating is a useful too to help them discover the inner workings of interpersonal attraction.

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Their beliefs are so bat-shit crazy that you actually have to take some time out and listen to this stuff to find out how nuts it is. They believe that a rib-woman ate the fruit of a magic tree, was told by a talking snake, and was cursed with a sin that it takes a Jewish brown-skinned Middle Eastern zombie to fix, by eating his flesh and drinking his blood (cannibalism, much?

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