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I was facing the same dilemma and was getting sick and tired to having to manually scroll back to the spot in a video I had left off at when I opted to take a break.

In frustration, I decided to do a google search for a way to mark video files in Windows Media Player at the spot where they were last so it can resume at that point later.

The introduction to the interview has music and a bit of Jane from the previous interview, her voice is off and fades in. I have a resource I would like to share with the GIMP community.

You can hear her clearly when the new subject starts, after the music. And in that second segment she talks about, mostly, about the Spanish Horse, which you all seem to love so much. I bet when you are watching a video on your computer, you can rarely sit through it in it's entirety.

You often have to take a break and then try to remember where in the video you were when you resume.

You then have to fast forward or scroll to the point where you left off manually. If you answered yes, then you'll just love this little resource I recently discovered.

My DVD of Maleficarum arrived yesterday and I spent the evening watching this movie I had read so much about on Bring Out the GIMP. Your entire group is to be congratulated on an Excellent job on everything from the set design, the photography, the lighting, the costumes, the bondage rigging, the acting, and the beautiful naked ladies..

We're in the process of dissecting Margot Good afternoon.Suddenly, all of the pain comes rushing back with a fury... The comments keep coming and that's really nice for us....after getting over the shock of that, she is really pissed off that they woke her up. I received an e mail, recently, from someone here, I will not disclose his identity, not even under torture.Heroone - did Robert Vaughn pass away in the last few days? My second site, where I have posted more HOM pics, is at "Crux Forums.com".- last I heard he was doing, and still is, a long running series on British tv titled "Hustle" - could it be the reports of his death are greatly exaggerated? This is a forum dedicated to the beauty of the Crucified female.

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