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In free chat, if you like the model or want to encourage it to show you more, you can sent him or her a tip or a gift.They prove that, contrary to their claims, at least one of the hackers responsible for releasing the publishing the e-mail addresses of thousands of Gawker users last December is in fact a key member of Anonymous.They show a collective of ecstatic and arrogant activists driven to a frenzy by a sense of their own power—they congratulated one another when Hosni Mubarak resigned, as though Anonymous was responsible—and contain bald admissions of criminal behavior that could serve as powerful evidence in criminal proceedings if the internet handles are ever linked to actual people.#HQ, populated by people calling themselves Sabu, Kayla, Laurelai, Avunit, Entropy, Topiary, Tflow, and Marduk. In short, I believe they're on their way to becoming a genuine threat."#HQ channel had a clear head honcho, a hacker who goes by the name of Sabu who claims credit for conducting the HBary hack.They were supplied by two individuals who go by the names Metric and A5h3r4 and describe themselves as former Anonymous supporters who became increasingly disenchanted with the movement's tactics, particularly the extent to which the group's more sophisticated members tolerate children and teens participating in risky operations (British authorities arrested a arrested a 16-year-old in December). I am a pretty far left person—I believe in privacy and free expression, but Anonymous is a vigilante group now. In plotting his next attack, on Hunton and Williams, a law firm that discussed hiring HBGary to conduct dirty tricks campaigns against Wikileaks supporters on behalf of its client Bank of America, Sabu threatens to "rape these niggers": Here is Sabu directing the other channel members to come up with a target list for their next hack, including potential media outlets and so-called "whitehat" internet security firms, and ordering Kayla to get working: And here he is excoriating Laurelai, an HQ member who had created a set of instructions for how to carry out an Anonymous attack.They recently launched a firm they call Backtrace Security."The bastards are becoming arrogant sociopaths," said A5h3r4 via chat. Sabu derided it as a stupid move that would help federal investigators make a conspiracy case if leaked and generally make Anonymous look as devious as HBGary.

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