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Small orange or red dots spot most of the large, bony scales.

Habitat The Southern Saratoga is found inland in freshwater creeks and lagoons in Central and Southern Queensland.

The fang-like canine teeth give this normally docile fish an extremely fierce appearance.

Eating starfish, mussels, clams, sea urchins and other armored prey is hard work for the wolf eel but fear not, a new set of teeth grows up from behind each year to replace the worn ones.

In addition to the fossil collection at Miguasha National Park, it is also known for its rich biodiversity.

There are several species of plants, algae, vertebrates, invertebrates and microorganisms found within its landscape.

These fossils are considered important in the study of the evolution of life on Earth.

This national park is also known as the Miguasha Fossil Site or the Hugh-Miller Cliffs.

Description Southern Saratoga are reported to grow to 90 cm (4 kg) but are more commonly caught at 50 cm to 60 cm.

Eating must be good, though, since wolf eels can reach lengths to 8 feet.

Wolf eels spend their time feeding along the bottom in deeper waters where they live among the rocks, in caves, or in deep holes.

Being a surface-dwelling fish, Saratoga have a almost perfectly flat back with a dorsal fin set back towards the tail of their long, sleek bodies.

Colouration is dark brown to olive green along the back, with lighter sides and a white belly.

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