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So she will never click on my profile out of the blue, because she’ll think, “eh, he’s bald, next, next, next.”When a girl goes on a dating website, she is in a shopping kind of a mode.But when you meet a girl in real life, she’s not necessarily shopping and judging. It’s a magical and spontaneous thing, and it’s completely lost on a website.She might have been reading, or thinking, or dreaming, and then you had the guts and bravery to approach her and start a conversation. Dating websites try to make up for this by including lots of personality tests.But all of these tests are flawed, because different things matter to different people.

” Of course, I answered yes, and lots of girls answer no.

A girl who cares about personality is suddenly encouraged to focus on looks first.

My bald head suddenly doesn’t look so charming when it’s juxtaposed next to a thousand pictures of guys with hair.

” Guys and girls naturally answer that oppositely, and that skews the test.

Then there are the dumb questions like, “Which way do you like to put the toilet paper roll?

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