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The Gibson would have cost over a hundred pounds then I think, well beyond our reach, while the Kay cost only ten pounds, but still seemed quite exotic. The only thing that wasn’t quite right with it was the color.

Though advertised as Sunburst, which would have been a golden orange going to dark red at the edges, it was more yellowy, going to a sort of pink, so as soon as I got it home, I covered it with black Fablon.

[Clapton: The Autobiography; p.80] This was Eric’s main recording and gigging guitar during the Yardbirds era.

The guitar allegedly belonged to the Yardbirds management, and after Eric had left the band, Jeff Beck who took over his role played the same guitar for some time prior to acquiring a Fender Esquire (more on Jeff Beck’s Gear Page).

(Jeff Beck:) We were on the road constantly and I didn’t even have my own guitar.

I [initially] used Eric’s red Tele, which I think belonged to the Yardbirds.

That got me into the band, and then we started making money, I found I had nothing else to spend it on but guitars, so maybe once a month I bought a guitar.

[Eric Clapton: Blues Power – Guitar World.com] There are some interesting details about this guitar worth mentioning.

This statement however makes the quote above a bit confusing, since he mentioned moving from Gibson to the Tele, while below he mentiones that he had the Tele from the day one.

Cream had sold a millions of records and have played throughout the U. Clapton’s next band was Blind Faith (1969), and later on Derek and the Dominos which he formed in 1970 together with keyboardist Bobby Whitlock, bassist Carl Radle and drummer Jim Gordon.

The band released only one studio album, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs.

He was influenced by blues from an early age, and practiced long hours to learn the chords of blues music by playing along the records.

He used to record himself playing on his portable Grundig tape recorder, and listening to that over and over until he felt he got it right.

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While I was changing my strings the audience would often break into a slow handclap, inspiring Giorgio (Gomelsky, The Yardbirds’ manager) to dream up the nickname of ‘Slowhand’ Clapton.

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