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I have a deep respect and love for Asian men, and men of small frame. I have an Australian cattle dog named Barney and two cats (my two queens, Elizabeth and Cleopatra). My stats are 5' 8" 180 lbs, 31w, 43c, 16a, muscular and solid body.

Enjoy long intense sweaty face-to-face, with some moderately intelligent conversation and some laughter as well, just so long as we're naked. If all you've got to show is a picture of your cock or ass,--- well, that's kind of what I think of you.Single; thankful for my life and all it has given me. I live in New York State and California and because they're blue states :) I go back to Rochester for the summer and early fall. Enjoy movies, live theatre, symphony, opera, ballet. I am here for sex but would not turn down friends or LTR. I speak Spanish, French & Portuguese a few words of Mandarin:-). Not into bars anymore, but used to thrive in them and can appreciate the lure for the younger man. I'm looking for a friend that hopefully will lead to more. I love to lie back and have a guy really get off on my cock - sucking and playing with it and teasing it for long time, also love to be rimmed and licked from head to toe but only sucking the cock is necessary. I'm also a regular guy with a brain and can walk and talk and chew gum and carry on a conversation ... Best of all, this entire gay community is built with new men in mind.Unlike other "free gay dating sites" that are unfortunately loaded with fake profiles or rely on automated messages designed to lure you into setting up your profile, only to discover that the site is actually unusable without purchasing a premium membership, Daddyhunt lets you use almost everything without ever charging you a penny!

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If you're gonna get your panties in a knot because of what you've read in my profile and or because I won't send nude pics of myself, it's best you don't message me.

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